Josiah "Jojo Flow"  Bulatao
Hawaii's Youngest Professional DJ

Jojo Flow, son of DJ Kutmaster Spaz started learning to mix at the tender age of 4. Aside from mixing music, he loves dancing and at just 6 years old Jojo Flow won his very first dance contest in an open division solo dance competition. At 7 years old Jojo started modeling, he landed the position of being the face of Island TAT Clothing's youth line and has appeared in a slew of TV ads for companies including Chuck E. Cheese, iTrampoline and the Historic Makaha Valley Ranch and Stables.


Currently, at 16 years old, Jojo Flow is aspiring to be one of the top DJ's in the world. He has and continues to put out mix projects and practices every day to hone his mixing skills. His creative and out of the box style makes for some original mix projects that take you on a journey from Hip Hop to EDM (Electric Dance Music) to Trap then wrapping it up with some Old Skool. As a model company's such as 88Tees, MilaNiko Phil’s Tux and EN Beauty Studios has utilized Jojo Flow’s brand to expand their products and services to the younger market.  


Jojo Flow is a living example that you are never too young to reach for your dreams, Jojo Flow believes that with hard work, drive and determination anything is possible.